MIDWAY-Midways is a family convenience one stop shop and restaurant. It has become an emerging tourist attraction for both local and foreign visitors. It boasts of organic-rich food choices taken straight from its farm with options like garden fresh salad and papaya shake. It also provide an elite play ground for kids and adults alike and gives off a peaceful aura with its relaxing accommodation that is a combination of its Maldives-inspired pools id emphasized by the looming emerald mountains, and the verdant plantation of various greens and herbs which s used by its restaurant. You have to experience Midway to complete the Passinhon leg of your tour.

CAVES-Passi City is the natural home of various natural attractions including a network of caves that has become a common hunting ground of youths seeking adventure. The following are the popular caves frequented by Passinhons and vsitors:

  • Ibajay Cave (Brgy. Bacuranan). Aside from the historical importnce of this place, the cave possesses attractions to visitors like the stalactites and glittering stones. Also, they can explore the other channel of the cave that has a natural pool.
  • Cabugon, Tinay and Bitas Caves (Brgy. Imbang Grande). These caves are home to thousands of various bat species. The interior and the land surrounding the caves are rich with phosphate minerals. The major attractions of these caves are the rock formations which looks like the sculpted head, ear and trunk of an elephant and the mother-and-child figure. These caves are considered as virgin v=caves, untouched due to existence of moss an spider webs. These caves are blessed with tunnels, a cool temperature, and wide interior space.
  • Agcararao Cave (Brgy. Bayan). This cave also houses large number of bats. At the entrance of the cave is a rock formation that looks like a holy water holder which serves as the caves very own landmark and claim to fame.
  • Kwebani Wening o Wening’s Cave (Brgy. Aglalana). A cave which possesses a natural pool approximately 2 meters in diameters. The cave is a source of water and one must swim before reaching the main source of water.
  • “Baboy-baboy” and “Amorotik” Caves. (Brgy. Magdungao). Marvelous caves, mostly untouched with rich amazing shapes and sizes of stalactite and stalagmite. These caves houses thousands of flying fox bats with wings of approximately 20 inches and a mnimum weight of three hundred (300) grams.

KAWILIHAN FAMILY RESORT. The term Kawilihan is a karay-a term which means “to be entertained or to enjoy” and Kawilihan indeed lives up the term. An inland resort with complete amenities composed of 2 swimming pools, videoke bar, food corner, rest houses and cottages. Kawilihan is always filled to overflowing with Passinhon families and youth who gather together for fun and laughter over the weekend.

THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, JUBILEE HALL AND JARDIN DE LOS SANTOS “GARDEN OF SAINTS”. An old church originated from the Spanish era, the St. William Parish Church which is made of rocks and egg white. The Garden of Saints is an open space and beautifully landscaped garden beside St. Parish Church. It features life-sized statues of the many saints of the Roman Catholic Church.

THE RAILWAY BRIDGE. A historical bridge witnessing hundreds of Filipinos beheaded by the japanese soldiers when soldiers and plain civilians were caught and suspected as members or supporters of the Guerilla forces.

MAGDUNGAO ECOLOGY VILLAGE. Fruits and vegetables are abundant in the area, producing not only for the city’s consumption but also for the neighboring towns and province market as well. The place has its own share of marvelous caves, mostly untouched.

PASSI CITY COLLEGE. Passi City College is the first local college in the Province of Iloilo established in 2005. It is the home of effective, efficient, and reliable instructors and professors. The college has already produced successful professionals.

MUSCOVADO CHIMNEY. One (1) of the biggest and oldest chimney in the Island of Panay can be found in Brgy. Imbang Grande, Passi City

2000 City of Passi Year Book
2017 Passi CIty Profile.