Former  Mayor Ricardo Palmares conceived the idea converting Passi into a City. He believed that Passi will someday become the center of trade and commerce. The rapid growth of Passi prompted him to transfer the seat of government to Sablogon wherein the lot was purchased for the purpose. During the time of former Mayor Ramon Paspe, some offices were transferred to the new site.

when he was elected in 1995, Mayor Jesry T. Palmares initiated development changes in our city. Many projects were implemented such as electrification of barangays, health centers Barangay bridges, multi-purpose centers, day care centers, waiting sheds, livelihood, beautification of town plaza, construction of mini park and many more.

To respond to the growing needs of the community, our local officials thought of converting the municipality intp a component city in order to have sufficient Internal Revenue Allotment.

On August 7, 1997, the Sangguniang Bayan ng Passi expressed the move through Res. No. 97-094, “ A Resolution Requesting the Congress of the Philippines to convert the municipality of Passi in the Province of Iloilo  into a component city to be known as the City of Passi.”This was duly supported by Resolutions from ABC in Pasi, non-government organizations and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Iloilo endorsing to the Congress of the Phiilppines the proposed conversion of Passi into a component city. The same resolution was addressed to Congressman Narcisi D. Monfort requesting him to file and sponsor a bill in congress.

The basic requirements needed for the conversion are: a) income not less than Twenty Million Pesos (P20M) for the proceding two years based on 1991 constant prices and either population of not less than 150,000 inhabitants or land of not less than ten thousand (10,000) hectares.

As certified by Lorenda M. Carlos, Executive Director, DOF, Manila, Passi’s average annual income for the calendar year 1995 and 1996 based on 1991 constant prices is P20,269,027.21. Our total land area as certified by Manuel D. Gerochi, DENR, Manila is 25,139 hectares. He certified further that the proposed city of Passi has the following land areas actually devoted and/ or used:

a) Existing three lots with total area of 82,859 sq.m. for government center;

b) Existing 11 lots with total area of 24,202 sq.m. for school and cemetery site;

c) Existing of two lots with the total area of 11,285 sq.m. for park and plaza site;

d) Existing three lots with a total area of 13,865 sq.m. for market, etc. And

e) Existing cadastral lot no. 55 with total area of 15,529 sq.m. for cemetery site.

The population of Passi is only 59,539 based on 1995 census of population as certified by Tomas P. Africa, Administrator, NSO, Manila. Not meeting the requirement for population is neglible since Art. 11 of the implementing Rules and Regulations of the Local Government Code of 1991 states that only either of population or land area.

On October 15, 1997, the committee on Local Government in the House of the Representative chaired by Hon. Ciriaco R. Alfelor convened for a committee hearing of which one of the agenda is House bill No. 9933, the proposed conversion of the Municipality of Passi into a component city. With the strong and full support of different sectors in the community and having met and submitted all the requirements, the august body considered the proposal and set the date for a public hearing on November 27,1997 at Passi Sosial Hall.

The public hearing was attented by approximately 10,000 people representing different sectors of our community. It was conducted by. Cong. Ciriaco Alfelor, 4th District of Camarines Sur, Cong. Hernando Perez of Batnagas, Cong. Alberto Maranon, 3rd District, Negros Occ., Cong. Renato Leviste, 1st District, Oriental Mindoro, Cong. Narciso Monfort and Speaker Jose De Venecua of the House of Representatives. Thereafter, the committee Report, H.b. 9933 and endorsed the same in the House of Senate last December 12,1997.

House Senate Chaired by Sen. Vicente Sotto III, with members, Senators Juan Flavier, Nikki Coseteng, Ernesto Herrera, Alberto Romulo, Raul Roco and ex-officio member Francisco Tatad and Neptali Gonzales deliberated on this bill. Senate President Ernesto Maceda approved House Bill No. 9933 after its third reading on January 20,1998.

January 28, 1998 is a grand day for all Passinhons. His Excellency President Fidel V. Ramos signed Republic Act No. 8469. “An Act Converting the Municipality of Passi in the Province of Iloilo into a Component City to be known as the City of Passi. “ Present during the signing were House Speaker Jose De Venecia, Congressman Narciso Monfort, Mayor Jesry T. Palmares, SB Members Elyzer Chavez and Joe Divin Palencia and Miss jinky Diaz ( now Mrs. Jinky Palmares).

Signing of R.A. No. 8469

R.A. No. 8469 was ratified on March 14, 1998 following a plebiscite conducted by the Commission on Elections. The realization of the conversion of the Municipality of Passi into a component city is the most significant achievement under the administration of Mayor Jesry T. Palmares, Vice Mayor Noe Lico and members of the Sangguniang Bayan. This undoubtedly proples social and economic development.