Passi City lies in the bosom of Panay. Hence, Passi City is in the heart of Panay.

Heart (n), according to Webster’s New World Dictionary, means among others, “ any place or part centrally located like the heat: as heart of celery, the heart of the city”/

But, why “Sweet City”?

Traditionally, Passi is famous for its vast plantations of sugarcane of different varieties and luscious pineapples of varied sizes. Other mouth- watering fruits in limited quantity are the rambutan, orange, marang, etc.

Passi’s biggest asset, however, is its people: sweet-smiling and demure ladies; gentle, peace0loving,family-oriented and hardworking citizens; and forward-looking and dedicated leaders – all of them working together with one heart and one soul for the glory of Passi City, hence the SWEET CITY in the heart of Panay.                                                                                                 -NILO P. PAMONAG